"Harmonious like the Beatles and as diverse as Beck."

"‘Going Places’ is a perfect example of Gabriel’s style, with its sunny melodies, smooth instrumentation and funky breakbeats it makes the perfect soundtrack for a Friday like this one."

Gabriel Self is a London born musician with American/Dutch roots. Equally influenced by the harmonies of the Beatles and the beats & bass-lines of old school hip hop, he writes bittersweet pop songs about hope, despair, and everything in between. 


He released his first music back in 2011 after which his style was described by the media as ”Harmonious like the Beatles and as diverse as Beck”. His album ‘By the Time’ contains eleven catchy pop songs ranging from the laid-back vibes on tracks like ‘Number One’ and title track ‘By The Time’ to the uptempo grooves of the single ‘In a Bubble’. 


He is signed up with the Massive Talent, an agency for global brands, commercials, games, films and series. His song ‘Life of Crime’ has been used in several brand commercials.